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23rd-Jun-2008 11:41 pm(no subject)
ski hunnies
well i am just all around disappointed with everything that has happened in the last few months. i was glad we didn't have all the name calling finger pointing self centered concerns that the BOD has been beaten over the head with, here on this list. i have been reading the other lists over my husband's shoulder. i think this will be our last Tfus. the whole thing is just not what i feel a burn is supposed to feel like. unless there is some serious changes, like new location and higher cap, more volunteers, better management of the BOD we are moving on to become more involved with the florida regionals.

frankly when in 07 we had the mad squeeze for tickets i started to fall out of love with this regional. there is no reason that it can't grow to to fit our needs except for volunteers. (i get this straight from the horses mouths) so if everyone wanted there to be enough tickets then there should be more volunteering. all of these problems stem from people getting mad they can't get tickets, ie not having enough tickets to go around. it all started that way.

i have been told by someone who would know, that JJ said he would free up more land to us if we wanted to up the cap. only we can't up the cap because there is not enough volunteers to cover that may people. the fact is that as a sanctioned regional there is guide lines that they have to follow to keep their liability coverage. without that coverage they can't have the burn. so people if you want the burn to continue to happen then, they need all the volunteers they can get.

let me tell you i have two of the team leads camping in my camp and they are telling me that they are desperate for people to help! one is treating to bring rolls of duct tape and honey to press/entice volunteering! i am on the BOD for the florida regional and we don't have these problems yet, for which i am glad! problems, by which i mean the attitudes of the community and their unwillingness to be helpful instead of beating a dead stick over the BOD head, i would quit too! so there are problems, and they need to get fixed, but i don't think what is happing on the lists is going to fix them. i have some ideas that might help, which we use at our event, but i am going to run them by some people in person. not on a list of hostel people.

23rd-Jun-2008 09:24 am - Transformus 2008 - 21+ event
Yep, it's real and it sucks. Requests for refunds, please email Vespa at invites @ transformus . com.
Sat, June 21, 2008

Good morning Mysterians;

It is with heavy heart I must announce recent changes to this year's
Transformus. Due to the influx of media coverage and the general
(unvalidated) concern of the local community along with personal concerns
and liabilities, the property owners of Deerfield's have notified
Transformus, LLC to make Transformus 2008 a 21 and up event.

I met with property owners and one of the local newspapers in an attempt to
allay (again-unvalidated) concerns about Transformus. Over the past 48 hours
we've tried to address the concerns of not just one uninformed individual.
One of the reporters stated (and I clarified this with him) there were more
than this one person who made said complaints. I hope to obtain copies of
the emails stating these complaints.

It seems those individuals' concerns and specific complaints are not just
with Transformus but maybe other events held on the Deerfields property that
may not embrace the same guidelines and ethos the Transformus Community
holds so dear.

Many of the concerns are unfounded. Deerfield property owners and myself
clarified with a few of the media representatives the many ways in which
Transformus contributes to the community, self-polices, educates, and also
the avenue of support of the incredible art.

These unfortunate accusations which have created negative impressions and
the resulting decisions are not pleasant. We are earnestly trying to protect
not only personal assets and liabilities but the continuation of the event

18th-Jun-2008 11:34 am - Transformus needs Rangers!
Volunteer now to become a Transformus Ranger! <http://www.transformus.com/community/index.php>

The Transformus Rangers are a cross-section of Mysteria who volunteer some of their time in the role of non-confrontational community mediators, handling conflict by attempting to communicate and reach compromises before Deerfields Security is needed. Rangers address situations that would otherwise require outside intervention. Rangers also promote awareness of potential danger, from sunstroke, dehydration, fire and safety issues, personal injury, illness, potential hazards associated with faulty structural design, camp layout, camp location, as well as dealing with lost and disoriented individuals. Rangers are emphatically *not* security, but rather coordinate with EMS and FRT to ensure proper fast response in the event of emergencies.

PreRequisites: To become a Ranger, you must attend the Ranger training early in the day on Friday at Transformus, should have attended at least one burn prior to Transformus 08, and must work a “mentoring shift” with an experienced Ranger for your first shift. Helpful qualities include a sense of humor, flexibility, a water canteen, and a good pair of walking shoes.

Contact Rangers at <http://www.transformus.com/contact/?team=9> for more info.
16th-Jun-2008 03:24 pm - Tfus Gate Needs Volunteers!
The wiki schedule for Gate Shifts is finally up and running! You can go add yourself to any of the available shifts now (http://www.transformus.com/community/view_schedule.php?t=27). Working the Gate is fun, easy, and a great way to spend 3 hours (or more) during Transformus. As the first person Mysterians see upon arriving at Deerfields and before entering the gates, your smiling face and information will help welcome our friends - whether it's their first time or family returning "home"!

Want to help out a little bit more? If you fit the bill, the Co-Lead/LLC/Bod Member positions and the Shift Lead positions (1 each for each gate shift) entail more responsibility than regular Volunteer positions. Both of these call for someone who has been, or will be, trained and mentored ahead of time, and someone who is extremely reliable and responsible. This person should be specially chosen by either Debra or myself; thus I have each of these positions marked as "contact us to apply for this position."

Finally, the Gate Team is in dire need of a Co-Lead! If you have *any* interest in doing this, please contact us (http://www.transformus.com/contact/?team=27).
Atl Psytrance
Swamp Stomp

AtlPsy presents: Swamp Stomp
Saturday May 31st 2008
10pm - 8am
Location information below
Main Room - Psytrance:

FaceHead (Anomalistic Recs. – Eugene, OR)
FaceHead is just a guy. He started making music approximately 3,285 days ago. About 1,460 of those were spent producing psychedelic trance. Although he naturally had a unique perspective, 794 of those 1,460 days were spent searching for his own audio identity. Something new. Something different. After founding Anomalistic Records, about 297 days ago, FaceHead toured the country, finally landing in Eugene, Oregon. He has spent the last 201 days working countless hours (1,206 hours) in a dark, smoke filled closet creating a totally unique sound designed to push the boundaries of genre, mind and body. You will experience a full spectrum of emotions and leave the dance-floor gasping for stability.

Oso (Touch Samadhi)
Lawn Darts (Pyite vs. cinderVOMIT) (AtlPsy, Anomalistic Recs.)
Michael Curran (AtlPsy, Touch Samadhi)
Flynt (AtlPsy)
Second Room - Experimental/Chill:

Richard Devine (Warp, Schematic, Sublight – Atl, GA)
Richard Devine is recognized for producing a layered and heavily processed sound combining influences from both old and modern electronic music. In addition to performing across the globe, Richard has designed sound patches for the Native Instruments application, Absynth and has also scored commercials for Nike and Touchstone Pictures.

Thats right you read it right! We have Richard Devine in the chill room, it is going to be a amazing party. As always this will be a private party, RSVP ONLY we will be strictly enforcing this.

Click here for more information and how to RSVP!Collapse )
Atl Psytrance

Mantra of Bliss with Goa Gil and Ariane
May 16th -18th, 2008
Deerfields, Asheville, NC

We welcome Goa Gil back to the southeastern US. Join us in a regional gathering of the tribes as we celebrate Goa Gil's sonic transmission of cutting-edge psychedelic trance integrating in a galactic wonderworld near you! The space is once again the amazing Deerfields, with its lush green valleys and orchards to camp in and fresh water ponds for swimming after a long hot dance!

More information and flier back behind this cut!!!! you know you want to look!Collapse )
25th-Sep-2007 01:23 am(no subject)
love and live
Whats up Everyone!

Just wanted to do a little shameless advertising of a group i made.
If you live/love/breathe/eat/listen to/spin PSYTRANCE music, psychedelic trance.
If you live in SOUTH FLORIDA.

Palm Beach

Then i would like you to join my group

28th-Jul-2007 08:32 pm - TRANSFORMUS!! "07"
bm 06
well transformus was a blast! our camp was a great success. our camp mates did the most amazing play about pandora's box. it so cool and beautiful. my pictures didn't come out too well though because of the lighting, it was pretty dark and eerie. our hookah dome went over great! everyone loved all the food i cooked, so much so that i finally got my playa name. Edible Orgasm!! Edible for short, or as my lee lee calls me Orgasm. i think she calls me that because of our adventures at the human carcass wash. ;) my favorite was Sunday night having my tea party around my new fire pit. i bought all kinds of different teas and a Moroccan brass tea pot. i boiled water all night in the fire glass, and let everyone smell the teas to pick which kinds they liked. it was great because it was very cold sunday night. so it was nice being around the fire pit with hot tea while it was cold out side, it was very warm in side the dome!

i have been very busy since we got home from transformus getting ready for the big burn. big burn? well i don't know if i can call it that after maya's dixie bell burned better then all the burns we have seen including "the man". WOW what a burn! she was beautiful!! now we know why they used to burn women, because like everything else women do it better then men!! i have been packing our suit cases to take on the plane. i have been packing the things that i don't want to take a chance not making it there with us, and i have to make sure that they aren't over fifty pounds either. a friend is drive a trailer with our stuff with her from Florida to the burn. i still need to clean my baby before we send it with her. i am not looking froward to that. i need to go through our bins and see what we want to take to the playa as well. i just spent the last week sewing, sewing, sewing!!

well here are all my pictures and some of my friend Larz's (because he has a better camera for taking pictures of people playing with fire)

26th-Jul-2007 12:51 am - Video of the Burn.
Hat, Staff
I've added a savable mpg and an embedded flash video of the burn to my site. The video is made from the long sequence of photos I took (approx 1 every 1/10 of a second) of the burn.

I'm tempted to make a hidef version since the resolution of the photos is high enough.

Go here for them.

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