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Transformus No Longer A Regional Transformus No Longer A Regional 
24th-Jun-2008 09:16 pm
Um, wow... reposting from various places:

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Dear Mysterians,

It is with great sadness and discomfort that Transformus is no longer an official Burning Man Regional Event. The Board of Directors received an e-mail from Burning Man yesterday stating all of the allegations and formal complaints made by the community. The decision to make Transformus not an official burn was based on the BOD's lack of Civic Responsibility and Transparency. An official statement will be released from Burning Man soon entailing all of the details in depth with there reasoning.

We as BOD would just like to let everyone know that at no point in time did we mean for any of this to happen and we did our best to make sense of the madness that has occurred this year leading up to Transformus 2008. For all of those in the community who wanted action and change you have officially been granted the reward of making Transformus an Unofficial burn. Never once did we as BOD mean to cause drama and angst in the community. We are just a group of normal people, who tried to the best of our abilities to bring you to the magical place that is known as Mysteria. We are only human and the lack of Civic Responsibility and Transparency was never at any point in time meaningfully sought out.

As many of you know most of the BOD members have resigned b/c of all of the negative energy, heart ache, and personal reasons that have develop our the past few months. Moving forward however there will be great changes that will take place after Transformus 2008 has happened in order to re-build our community that seems to be filled with so much anger. With that being said, the BOD opens up to the community as to where the future lies in running this event after Transformus 2008. For those of you who have wanted answers and decisions and change I ask you to step up to the challenge of making Tranformus the way the community wants it to become. There are still just a few BOD members including myself that will help facilitate the means to making the situation at hand better after the event

Finally, to all of you who are still coming and making it to Transformus 2008 we want to personally thank you for believing in the magical place know as Mysteria b/c regardless of all the drama, anger, and confusion we will rise to make Transformus 2008 the best burn to date.



Transformus BOD
25th-Jun-2008 02:43 am (UTC)

that's horrible news, but I can't say I'm surprised. The whole 21+ thing was the final blow.
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