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29th-Jan-2014 01:41 pm - We have modern
Oho!  Greetings Mysterians!  I have finally cracked into your socio-media, and bring you glowing salutations from Camp Fuck You, I'm a Wizard!

Yes, it has taken some grinding of the nose-stone, but our camp is now connected to the most cutting-edgiest, internetulous form of socio-media public address! Soon, we will be announcing important and amusing things on this page-site.  We are truly happy to have finally joined you here on MySpace.
9th-Jan-2011 10:12 am - Attn: mod(s)
Is this community still alive?

In any case, can we please use some moderation rules to block the spammers? I suggest either:
1) moderate membership and only allow members to post
2) turn on per-post moderation
15th-Jul-2009 09:30 am - 1 Ticket for sale in Atlanta
Bloo Raspberry
Well I don't get to go play =( but I hope that someone else out there can use the ticket. Please contact me at "thegreyman at gmail dot com" or comment here.

Face value for the ticket. Hope you all have a blast! =)


Thank you!
23rd-Jun-2009 02:06 pm - WAKE UP!!
The time is upon us! Gather your garb and get into gear!

Anyone wanna help by joining Tossed Salad Camp?
fire globe
Only a few days left to purchase your tickets pre-sale!! It will save you money and help us out greatly in planning this awesome event for YOU!! Go now!
www.bluetowergallery.com to purchase tickets! You know you want to!

Children under 5 get in free. Everyone else needs a ticket!! $10 now, through the website. Or pay at the door. $15 in costume, $20 without.
More info hereCollapse )

website: www.bluetowergallery.com

questions: atlanta.decompression@gmail.com
11th-Nov-2008 07:29 pm - Atlanta Decompression 11/22!!
fire globe

www.bluetowergallery.com to purchase tickets! You know you want to!
More info hereCollapse )

Atlanta Decompression takes place November 22, 2008, starting at 7 pm, at Blue Tower Gallery, 675 Metropolitan Parkway, #1113, Atlanta, GA 30310.
website: www.bluetowergallery.com
bm 06
ok by popular demand here is part of the saturday night dancing man's fire conclave video. it is not the best video. it has a lot of dark and blurry parts i had to edit around and still there is a lot more in the video. i really need to have that big huge ball of light park at the burn field to make enough light for my camera to focus on. does anyone know what that huge light thingy was?? looked like the moon??
2nd-Aug-2008 06:14 pm - TRANSFORMUS!! 08 DANCING MAN BURN
bm 06
we just got back from the transformus burn last week, it was a blast!! i shot some video of the saturday night burn. hope you enjoy it, it is my first video i have ever edited!!

2nd-Jul-2008 09:50 am - Gate still needs volunteers!
There are just a few gate shifts that still need volunteers & Shift Leads (must be approved by BoD to become Shift Lead). Please consider signing up! It's fun and easy, and you get to be one of the very first people that folks will see upon arrival at Transformus! :)

Thurs 9-12 - may need Shift Lead
Thurs 12-3 - need Shift Lead
Thurs 8-10 - need Shift Lead & 4 volunteers

Fri 9-12 - need Shift Lead
Fri 6-9 - need Shift Lead
Fri 9-11 - need Shift Lead & 1 volunteer
Fri 11-1 - need Shift Lead & 2 volunteers

Sat 9-12 - need Shift Lead & 1 volunteer
Sat 12-3 - need Shift Lead
Sat 3-6 - need Shift Lead & 1 volunteer
Um, wow... reposting from various places:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dear Mysterians,

It is with great sadness and discomfort that Transformus is no longer an official Burning Man Regional Event. The Board of Directors received an e-mail from Burning Man yesterday stating all of the allegations and formal complaints made by the community. The decision to make Transformus not an official burn was based on the BOD's lack of Civic Responsibility and Transparency. An official statement will be released from Burning Man soon entailing all of the details in depth with there reasoning.

We as BOD would just like to let everyone know that at no point in time did we mean for any of this to happen and we did our best to make sense of the madness that has occurred this year leading up to Transformus 2008. For all of those in the community who wanted action and change you have officially been granted the reward of making Transformus an Unofficial burn. Never once did we as BOD mean to cause drama and angst in the community. We are just a group of normal people, who tried to the best of our abilities to bring you to the magical place that is known as Mysteria. We are only human and the lack of Civic Responsibility and Transparency was never at any point in time meaningfully sought out.

As many of you know most of the BOD members have resigned b/c of all of the negative energy, heart ache, and personal reasons that have develop our the past few months. Moving forward however there will be great changes that will take place after Transformus 2008 has happened in order to re-build our community that seems to be filled with so much anger. With that being said, the BOD opens up to the community as to where the future lies in running this event after Transformus 2008. For those of you who have wanted answers and decisions and change I ask you to step up to the challenge of making Tranformus the way the community wants it to become. There are still just a few BOD members including myself that will help facilitate the means to making the situation at hand better after the event

Finally, to all of you who are still coming and making it to Transformus 2008 we want to personally thank you for believing in the magical place know as Mysteria b/c regardless of all the drama, anger, and confusion we will rise to make Transformus 2008 the best burn to date.



Transformus BOD
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